Brake Calliper Painting


Could this be just the thing to set your car apart of the rest ? 

Even when your car is nice and clean, rusty brake calipers or hubs can really let the vehicle appearance down.  

Even 6 month old cars now can have rusty hubs or calips which really let the appearance and value of the vehicle down. 

We have 2 options available. 

1: Hand Painted €300

Time : 1 day - 8 hours

Hand Paint calipers in 3 colours. Black, Red, or Silver.

  • Includes preping the caliper, hub and heatshield. 
  • Painting the Caliper x 2 coats of choice of 3 colours. 
  • Hub painted in Black or Silver (black being the most popular) and Heat shield painted. 

This is very popular and dont underestimate the finish achievable by hand. We havent had an issue yet ! 

2: Sprayed Calipers €600. Custom Colour. 

Time : 2 days - 14-16 hours

Custom colour of your choice. Straight, Metallic or body colour to match, high temperature finish. 

  • Whole car bodywork wrapped and taped up to ensure absolutely no overspray gets on the body work. 
  • Caliper, heatshield and hubs sanded and prepped.
  • Extreem tapeing to ensure disks, pads, lines and rubbers are not painted.  
  • Wiped down and checked for any addition work required. 
  • Primer all surfaces to be painted. 
  • Hubs and Heatshelds painted.  
  • Calipers painted with 2 - 4 coats of colour depending on Colour choice. 
  • Decals applied (aditional cost on request) 
  • Laquer Applied to give the high gloss finish. 
  • Sealant applied

There will be an additional cost if the caliprs have been painted previously as there will be an extensive amount of time to remove old paint prior to repainting. 


Please call for and more details and for booking.