Gold Detail

Recommended for those who want a car that Sparkles even on the dullest day. 

This service provides an 80% correction result to your paintwork. Removing most swirl marks (spiderwebbing in your paintwork) leaving a crisp, clear depth and shine to your Paintwork. 

Prices from €580  (Golf size vehicle)  €650 Saloon €720 Jeep/MPV

Time: 2 days
  • Full luxury hand wash using a two bucket wash method.
  • Dry all surfaces and crevices as well as pat down the paint with the finest micro fibre woven towels to eliminate swirling and scratching.
  • Removal of all bonded above-surface contaminants to include paint, glass, and plastic lenses using clay bar appropriate to your paint type. 
  • Paint depth will be measured around the vehicle prior to any correction.
  • Multi Stage correction process. Depending on the condition of the paint, all surfaces will be polished using a compound, pad and machine best suited to your vehicle's needs. This will remove severe scratches, oxidation, major surface imperfections, and holograms, adding depth and clarity back to the paint.
  • Refinement. The Paintwork will then be refined using a very fine finishing/jewling polish. This will finalize the polishing process and will leave your vehicle’s paint sparkling
  • Gtechniq C2 sealant will be applied to all Painted surfaces.
  • Clean wheels and dress tires
  • Clean and detail door jambs
  • Clean windows inside and out

Discount on interior Detail available

Call us on +353851464162 to book an assessment so we can taylor a package to suit you.


**price may vary depending on condition**