Platinum Detail - Complete Paint Correction

Superior Detailing Package for high-end prestigious cars.

Time: 4-5 days         from €1,199     +vat

Stage 1 

  • Full luxury hand wash using a two bucket wash method.
  • Dry all surfaces and crevices and pat down the paint with the finest micro fibre woven towels to eliminate swirling and scratching
  • Clean and detail door, hood and trunk jambs
  • Disassembly of certain parts including wheels, antenna, number plates.
  • Clean, degrease and condition wheel wells.
  • Clean, polish and wax wheels to include rotors, calipers, lines etc. Wheel removal is typical and necessary to provide complete care.
  • Clean and strip old tyre dressing, condition both sides of the tire.
  • Removal of all bonded above-surface contaminants including paint, glass, and plastic lenses using our specialized polybutene clay method
  • Paint depth will be measured around the vehicle prior to any correction

Stage 2

  • Rotary polish (step 1): Depending on the condition of the paint, all surfaces will be polished using a compound and pad best suited to your vehicle's needs in order to remove severe scratches, oxidation, major surface imperfections.
  • Rotary polish (step 2): The paintwork will be refined using a lighter, less abrasive polish to completely uniform the paint's finish. This will add depth and clariy back into the paint.
  • Duel Action polish (step 3): The paintwork will then be refined using a very fine finishing polish. This will finalize the polishing process and have your vehicle’s paint in its absolute best possible condition and to a showroom standard
  • Removal (step 4): The whole car is then wiped down twice using a paint-safe alcohol-based solvent. This removes any polish residue left on the car after correction, leaving the paint fresh and clean for the next step
  • Sealant (step 5): All the paint will be treated to a sealant to help protect the paintwork.
  • Wax (step 6): All surfaces will be treated using a premium wax to add depth back into the paint, restoring the original beauty of the colour. This will keep the paint looking its best for long periods.

Stage 3

  • Clean, vacuum, shampoo and extract the complete interior, crevices, carpeting and mats, cleaning and conditioning leather where applicable.
  • Condition all leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Clean and polish all glass, gauge clusters, radio and navigation screens
  • Clean and polish all interior wood, carbon fibre accents, trim, as well as all compartments and wheel well.
  • Eliminate interior odors leaving a fresh new car smell

Stage 4

  • White Glove Inspection:  This is to re-examine the vehicle to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. Any final corrections necessary will be made in order to meet and exceed all your expectations



**price may vary slightly depending on condition**