Scratch Removal/Painting Services

Unfortunately at some stage your car will encounter stone chips, scratches, scuffs or bumps of one type or another. But dont worry. Here at Flawless Detailing weather it is a single stone chip or a full respray we can fix it. And only to the highest standard.  
Would you believe that most minor scuffs, stone chips, scrapes and scratches can be repaired completely, with no need to repaint any surface on a car!  As you can see in some of our photos, the marks can be completely removed without the need for a respray. This is a very technical procedure, and requires intense professional attention, but here at Flawless Detailing we have the skills and the equipment to carry it out to perfection while saving you money!
We at Flawless Detailing can offer this service at a fraction of the cost and time a body shop will offer.
If we feel that the car might need a small bit of paint touching in, for the more severe scratches and chips, we can also offer this service, using only the most advanced techniques and products.
Unfortunately there are times when the damage is beyond our services. In these cases we will be more than happy to point you in the direction of our local top class painters we use for all painting. But please contact me directly first, as you may save yourself a small fortune. All our contractors know exactly what to expect from a customer referred from Flawless Detailing. So anything less that perfect is not an option. 

Prices quoted depend on paint condition and severity of damage. Call out charge applies to distances greater that 5km.

Please call in to our detailing centre for a more accurate quote.