Neil H. - Saab 9.3 Vector Sport

Last September I bought a 2006 Saab 9.3 Vector Sport. The very low mileage on the car, as well as the leather interior, were the major factors in my purchase.

After a few weeks however, the wax that the garage had layered on the outside of the car prior to my viewing of it, began to wear off. Swirl marks, scratches, scuffs and scrapes that I hadn't seen before began to appear. I tried washing the car myself, using both polish and wax, but this had little effect. I immediately began to lose interest in a car that I had only owned for a couple of weeks.

Disillusioned, I began trawling the Internet with a view to pricing a respray of the cars exterior. I came across Padraic in Flawless Detailing, and as soon as I spoke to him I knew I had found the man for the job. His enthusiasm for his work, and for a car he'd never seen before, was infectious.

Padraic took my car for two days and completed his 'Gold Package', regularly updating me by text on his progress.

When I returned to collect my car after the two days had elapsed I could not believe the results. It was like my car had been taken away, and replaced with a brand new model, gleaming inside and out.

Crucially, and this is what sorts the men from the boys, Padraic's efforts have lasted until the current day, in June 2013, almost nine months later.

To say that I recommend Flawless Detailing would be an massive understatement. Padraic's work and professionalism is the best I have encountered, and anyone who loves their car but thinks it might require a makeover or a new lease of life, would be foolish to go elsewhere. In my mind there's no doubt that Padraic in Flawless Detailing is your man.


Tony G. - BMW 840Ci / Corvette

Padraic from Flawless Detailing detailed my 1999 BMW 840CI. I had a paint correction carried out along with an interior leather treatment and engine bay clean-up.

The paintwork was very flat and dull going in, but after the correction I was very impressed with the results. Very impressed with the attention to detail and care taken with my car.

I can't recommend Padraic highly enough and thanks for the huge effort.

Tony Galvin

John W. P. - BMW 320d

I have a BMW 320d that I have entrusted to Padraic for a paint restoration detail. There were scratches in my car that were deep enough and he treated it and blended it flawlessly. He also patched the road rash and stone chips that were annoyingly present in my car and the results were amazing! The car looked as if it had just rolled out from the production line.

The detailer is a genuine gent and is very flexible in terms of schedule. He is also well able to give you advice and after-support even if the job has been completed. For the amount you're paying for professional fee and craftmanship, it's money well spent.

Best of luck to Padraic @ Flawless Detailing,


Barry H. - Toyota Altezza

Hi, my name is Barry. I have a '99 Toyota Altezza. I noticed that the Headlights on my car were getting a bit off colour, a bit yellow due to exposure from sunlight. I rang Flawless Detailing regarding this to get some information on what could be done.

I got through to Padraic who I have to say went through all the details on why my headlights went like that and what can be done to fix them. Myself and Padraic organised a day he could work on the headlights. As I work full time, I was delighted to find that Padraic works around times that suit you and even comes out to your job, which is a brilliant service. He had the car for about an hour and when I came out to see the finished project I was shocked. It was such a great job, the headlights actually looked brand new! Totally restored back to original quality.

I will definitely be getting more Detailing services from Padraic in the future, as the work he did was superior and also catered for your working hours which is a great service.

Thank you Flawless Detailing.

Barry Hobson

George K. - BMW R1200 Cruiser (Motorbike)

My BMW R1200 cruiser had been in storage for over four years when I finally decided it was time to get back on two wheels. Trouble was I had stuffed it away with no preparation. It hadn't been washed, I didn't lubricate anything, feed the leather saddle, wax the chrome or body work, I hadn't even thrown a cover over the bike. I'm ashamed about that but I got my just desserts. When I pulled back the door of the lockup I nearly tore my hair out. The bike was in a terrible state. The wheels had tarnished to the extent that the stainless steel was pitted. Rust on some mild steel bolts had dissolved into some moisture which in turn had stained the silver paintwork on the rear swing arm. The lacquer on the fuel tank and mud guards was dull and looking very thin and worst of all, chrome work on the side panel which had previously been perfect had not only deteriorated but had started to rust.   

When I gave my cruiser to Padraic at Flawless Detailing I wasn't expecting much. Not that I doubted Padraic's ability, I knew I'd get a lovely clean motorcycle back. But I really wasn't expecting what I was presented with. The paintwork hit me first, the deep burgundy metallic was gleaming and the lacquer seemed so deep I thought I could put my hand into it. When I went closer I realised that the wheel rims were sparkling, the paint on the swing arm looked like new and, incredibly, the chrome side panels were perfect. There wasn't so much as a blemish on them. I asked if they had been replaced... No, they were the originals! After a further inspection I realised that Padraic hadn't stopped there. My custom made bronze handlebar ends were more polished than when they were brand new. My saddle had more colour and the leather was more supple than it had been in years and some small scratches on my fuel tank made by the zip of my jacket were completely gone!

I have to admit I thought I was giving my motorcycle to what was in essence a car valet service and wasn't expecting much more than a good old fashioned spit and shine but Flawless Detailing literally saved me hundreds of euros by restoring the paint and metalwork on parts that I had resigned myself to having to replace.

Thanks a million Padraic (and Flawless Detailing).


Tony H. - Honda Civic Type R

To everyone who has not yet experienced Flawless detailing:

Anyone can wash his or her own car if they can find the time, right? But to do a SPOTLESS job, in this busy life most of us can't. Let alone give it a polish that makes a difference, and will last through the next rain shower and muddy road wash. 

This is why you should try Flawless Detailing. Try them at least once & I'll bet you will use them and recomend them again and again.

I got a Full Paint Correction Detail to my heavily modified Honda Civic Type R. I thought my hand polishing gave a good shine, until I was presented with a finish I can only describe as 'flawless'. My Civic was an eye-catcher as it was, only resprayed a year ago, but this correction to the paint gave so much more depth and wetness. It put the look of the car on a whole other level. 

As my car is nearly show-ready there is only one person I will be calling before the show and that's Padraic @ Flawless Detailing.


P.S. Thanks for the great job you did Tuesday 19/10/2010. See you next month.