George K. - BMW R1200 Cruiser (Motorbike)

My BMW R1200 cruiser had been in storage for over four years when I finally decided it was time to get back on two wheels. Trouble was I had stuffed it away with no preparation. It hadn't been washed, I didn't lubricate anything, feed the leather saddle, wax the chrome or body work, I hadn't even thrown a cover over the bike. I'm ashamed about that but I got my just desserts. When I pulled back the door of the lockup I nearly tore my hair out. The bike was in a terrible state. The wheels had tarnished to the extent that the stainless steel was pitted. Rust on some mild steel bolts had dissolved into some moisture which in turn had stained the silver paintwork on the rear swing arm. The lacquer on the fuel tank and mud guards was dull and looking very thin and worst of all, chrome work on the side panel which had previously been perfect had not only deteriorated but had started to rust.   

When I gave my cruiser to Padraic at Flawless Detailing I wasn't expecting much. Not that I doubted Padraic's ability, I knew I'd get a lovely clean motorcycle back. But I really wasn't expecting what I was presented with. The paintwork hit me first, the deep burgundy metallic was gleaming and the lacquer seemed so deep I thought I could put my hand into it. When I went closer I realised that the wheel rims were sparkling, the paint on the swing arm looked like new and, incredibly, the chrome side panels were perfect. There wasn't so much as a blemish on them. I asked if they had been replaced... No, they were the originals! After a further inspection I realised that Padraic hadn't stopped there. My custom made bronze handlebar ends were more polished than when they were brand new. My saddle had more colour and the leather was more supple than it had been in years and some small scratches on my fuel tank made by the zip of my jacket were completely gone!

I have to admit I thought I was giving my motorcycle to what was in essence a car valet service and wasn't expecting much more than a good old fashioned spit and shine but Flawless Detailing literally saved me hundreds of euros by restoring the paint and metalwork on parts that I had resigned myself to having to replace.

Thanks a million Padraic (and Flawless Detailing).