Neil H. - Saab 9.3 Vector Sport

Last September I bought a 2006 Saab 9.3 Vector Sport. The very low mileage on the car, as well as the leather interior, were the major factors in my purchase.

After a few weeks however, the wax that the garage had layered on the outside of the car prior to my viewing of it, began to wear off. Swirl marks, scratches, scuffs and scrapes that I hadn't seen before began to appear. I tried washing the car myself, using both polish and wax, but this had little effect. I immediately began to lose interest in a car that I had only owned for a couple of weeks.

Disillusioned, I began trawling the Internet with a view to pricing a respray of the cars exterior. I came across Padraic in Flawless Detailing, and as soon as I spoke to him I knew I had found the man for the job. His enthusiasm for his work, and for a car he'd never seen before, was infectious.

Padraic took my car for two days and completed his 'Gold Package', regularly updating me by text on his progress.

When I returned to collect my car after the two days had elapsed I could not believe the results. It was like my car had been taken away, and replaced with a brand new model, gleaming inside and out.

Crucially, and this is what sorts the men from the boys, Padraic's efforts have lasted until the current day, in June 2013, almost nine months later.

To say that I recommend Flawless Detailing would be an massive understatement. Padraic's work and professionalism is the best I have encountered, and anyone who loves their car but thinks it might require a makeover or a new lease of life, would be foolish to go elsewhere. In my mind there's no doubt that Padraic in Flawless Detailing is your man.