Tony H. - Honda Civic Type R

To everyone who has not yet experienced Flawless detailing:

Anyone can wash his or her own car if they can find the time, right? But to do a SPOTLESS job, in this busy life most of us can't. Let alone give it a polish that makes a difference, and will last through the next rain shower and muddy road wash. 

This is why you should try Flawless Detailing. Try them at least once & I'll bet you will use them and recomend them again and again.

I got a Full Paint Correction Detail to my heavily modified Honda Civic Type R. I thought my hand polishing gave a good shine, until I was presented with a finish I can only describe as 'flawless'. My Civic was an eye-catcher as it was, only resprayed a year ago, but this correction to the paint gave so much more depth and wetness. It put the look of the car on a whole other level. 

As my car is nearly show-ready there is only one person I will be calling before the show and that's Padraic @ Flawless Detailing.


P.S. Thanks for the great job you did Tuesday 19/10/2010. See you next month.